BTB Campaign Will Put a New Face on Cosmetic Product Line

Gattefossé, a manufacturer and supplier of products for the personal care industry, will start a business-to-business direct mail campaign next month featuring a new product focus and a new corporate tag line.

Previous direct mail campaigns focused on a single product in the Treatment Cosmetics line, but this effort will tout all products in the line.

“It made more sense to cover more ground by promoting a number of products instead of just one,” said Kristina Boniface, marketing specialist at Gattefossé, Westwood, NJ. “By focusing on all of these products within one brochure, we get more exposure.”

The company changed the look and feel of its marketing collateral to catch the attention of decision makers in the industry.

“The people in this industry are always looking for something new, and we wanted to address that visually with the look of the company,” she said.

The mail piece is an eight-page booklet that discusses numerous products and categories in the Treatment Cosmetics line. The cover also displays the new tag line, “The Visible Secret.” Three pages contain information on the ingredients used in each product.

Boniface said that while the potential audience could be huge for a campaign of this nature, it will only go to a few hundred recipients because of the $3.50 cost per piece.

“The idea behind this theme is to convey that while our products are visible and can be seen on the faces of woman, they are also providing a number of benefits to their skin and bodies,” she said.

The mailings will target upper-level research and development chemists and people in the marketing departments of companies such as Estée Lauder, L'Oreal and Neutrogena as well as small private-label companies.

The names that Gattefossé is targeting come from its inhouse database. Boniface said the majority of the mailing's recipients are existing customers.

The mail piece provides a phone number, a Web address and an e-mail address. It also includes a listing of regional offices worldwide that recipients can contact for more information.

Gattefossé worked with S3, an ad agency based in Boonton, NJ, to develop the campaign.

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