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BST and artist Yinka Ilori launch innovative ‘Yinka Sans’ typeface

"Innovative Typeface"
“Innovative Typeface”

A unique collaboration between British Standard Type (BST) and artist Yinka Ilori unveiled an innovative array of letterforms named ‘Yinka Sans’, launched on June 18, 2024.

The pairing represented a unique intertwining of artistry and typography, challenging conventional typographic structures. The result was a masterful fusion of Ilori’s dynamic style and BST’s technical acumen.

The launch was celebrated with an exhibition at the Design Museum where attendees were invited to engage with the typeface in a digital framework, performing its adaptability.

‘Yinka Sans’ comes in two distinct versions – Yinka Sans Ultra and Yinka Sans Shadow, both designed to echo Ilori’s dynamic artistic touch.

According to Matthew Fenton, BST’s Creative Director, these unique letterforms are embodiments of ‘inclusivity and joy’, encompassing Ilori’s core beliefs of unity and positivity, making Yinka Sans more than just a font, but a powerful creative statement.

The collaboration started when Ilori approached BST intending to develop a distinct letterform collection specifically designed for his creative work.

Unveiling ‘Yinka Sans’: BST, Ilori’s masterpiece

BST and Ilori then combined their distinct skills and creative minds to realize this unique vision.

Ilori’s personal influences, including Nigerian folk styles, modern pop culture, and architecture, informed the design process, resulting in a typeface that echoes the interplay of tradition and modernity.

The result was a striking ensemble of letterforms that bear an unmissable mark of Ilori’s distinct style, with each character standing as a testament to his unique artistic creativity.

The design intricacies of the typefaces, like shadow effects and color palettes replicating Ilori’s artwork, give each character unique aesthetic appeal. They offer depth by layering and overlapping, evoking a sense of dynamism and dimensionality.

Ilori expressed his excitement for the new typefaces and his anticipation for users’ engagement with them. The typefaces aim to narrate a tale of diversity and elevated joy, while also serving as a versatile toolkit for Ilori’s various creative pursuits.

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