Broadbase 4.0 Simplifies CRM

Broadbase Software, a provider of e-commerce customer-focused analytic and marketing automation applications, is expected to release its most complete customer relationship software today.

The backbone of the new product, Broadbase 4.0, is its Foundation technology designed to enable companies to take data from multiple places, organize it and easily analyze it.

The system can pull together data from direct mail campaigns as well as from Web page, wireless, e-mail and call center activity. “Marketers can profile what customers want and immediately execute a campaign based on that analysis without having to go to another system to do it,” said Walt Rossi, vice president of product marketing at Broadbase Software Inc., Menlo Park, CA.

Broadbase 4.0's features include Portfolios, which are designed to turn browsers into buyers. It tracks browsing behavior and differentiates what converted browsers into buyers. It determines what incentive offers may have done the trick, the overall effectiveness of a campaign, and upsell and cross-sell analysis.

Its Intelligent WorkFlow allows marketers to visually design a personalized customer experience and execute it automatically. If a customer is sent an offer to learn more about a product, for example, he can be given multiple response options, such as signing up for a newsletter, registering for a seminar or making a purchase. Consumers take a different series of paths according to their response. Marketers can map these paths graphically and implement them.

Its Knowledge Sharing application allows company personnel to receive the specific analysis they need. Marketers can have the software notify them if an e-mail marketing campaign is not receiving a 3 percent response rate, for example, or if a product is selling above or below expectations. They then can tweak the program or offer.

Broadbase has more than 225 clients, including Canon, Chevron and Kmart Corp. Broadbase 4.0 costs approximately $195,000 to license.

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