BrightTag Rebrands as Signal

Cross-channel data collector BrightTag has changed its name to Signal, reflecting its rebranding as a company that focuses on “helping marketers strengthen the signals between brands and consumers.” At the same time, it has introduced Open Data Platform that incorporates its Fuse product, which reports customer data from sources such as mobile devices, call centers, and physical stores.

Signal President and CEO Mike Sands says the new corporate identity is built around a marketplace need for coalescing disparate data sources into one easily managed platform. “Leading brands tell us they’ve typically invested in about 17 different marketing technologies to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,” Sands says. “But few technologies are able to talk with one another.”

A company release likens the Open Data Platform to an always-operative power grid that allows brands to wire together data collection points with technologies and vendors in their marketing stacks.

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