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Brides to Be selects Walter Karl as list manager

Walter Karl is managing the Brides to Be catalog file. Brides to Be sells products for weddings through a number of catalogs including titles with products designed for “specialty” weddings.

These weddings have an underlying theme and include weddings planned at a vacation spot or on a cruise ship, weddings with a country flair or a seasonal theme, and Christian weddings.

These buyers trust the Brides to Be to provide them with invitations and other products of superior quality.

Many also purchase items such as “Save the Date” announcements, favors, guest books, ring pillows and many other matching accessories for a perfectly coordinated wedding.

The majority of brides are 21 to 33. The average income of these soon to be brides is $45K. Seventy percent hold professional or managerial positions.

Wedding dates and phone numbers are available on 75 percent of the file.

Companies soliciting tuxedos, jewelry, vacation packages, intimate apparel, home furnishings and decorative accessories, gifts, housewares, women’s apparel, beauty, health and fitness, magazines, book and music clubs, travel and leisure, and credit cards may work well with these individuals.

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