Brenda Lombardo, CEO, NiKnack Marketing

Brenda Lombardo recently founded NiKnack Marketing. She previously served as SVP and head of marketing for Zurich North America, where she ensured market development activities supported the company’s go-to-market strategy and profitable growth objectives.

She also worked to better position Zurich among customers and brokers in the marketplace and supported the business division’s efforts to build demand around its products and services.

Marketing strategy: My focus has always been on the development of innovative strategies that can be proven to drive sustainable growth and make a lasting contribution to the organization’s strategic objectives.

Defining moment: Becoming a single mom really made me reflect on the future and my responsibility to do whatever I can to be a positive influence in the lives of people who matter to me most. It also gave me the courage that I could accomplish anything.

Advice to young marketers:
Be a sponge and absorb as many key learnings as you can. Be a good listener, and don’t be afraid to be innovative and test new ideas. Continue to learn something new every day.

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