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Brands plot b-to-b campaigns to showcase vertical expertise

Several major brands recently launched global b-to-b campaigns, emphasizing their expertise in new areas and signaling a change in their overall marketing strategy. UPS, Xerox and Zurich Financial Services all debuted significant business-facing campaigns in the past month.

UPS launched its first global campaign in September to communicate that it offers a suite of services for businesses beyond package delivery. The company is extending the “We Love Logistics” effort to 25 countries, including the UK, China and Mexico. It is using direct mail, print and TV ads, social media and digital.

“Logistics became the focus as a way to articulate everything we do,” said Betsy Wilson, director of global advertising at UPS.

While UPS is promoting that it does more than deliver packages, Xerox wants to “help people recognize that it is not just a hardware vendor,” says Barbara Basney, director of global advertising at Xerox. She explained that the company acquired Affiliated Computer Services last February, “which brought us into the business services arena” and tripled the company’s services.

Xerox’s “Ready for Real Business” effort is targeting business decision-makers at large companies across various industries, including financial, human resources and customer care. It shows off the company’s work with brands such as Marriott Hotels and Resorts and Target. The campaign, includes search marketing, print, TV, digital and out-of-home advertising.

Zurich, meanwhile, expanded its “Help Point” effort into a new campaign, called “Insights,” giving a voice to its clients. It uses digital, TV, print and out-of-home ads. “‘Insights” is about the customer’s voice, in terms of what they believe is Zurich’s ‘Help Point’ for them and how we are helping them,” said Arun Sinha, CMO at Zurich.

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