Brands on Twitter can now start offering discounts within tweets

Following the test of its “Buy button,” Twitter is continuing to build on its e-commerce capabilities with Twitter Offers. 

The company is testing a new way for brands to embed a digital coupon within a tweet. Here’s how it works, explained by the Twitter Commerce blog:

When users see a Twitter Offer in their timeline, they can add the offer to their credit or debit card in just a few taps, and redeem in real time by using the card at the store. Because the offer is tied to their card, redemption is seamless and easy: there are no coupons to redeem at the point of purchase. After the purchase, the cash back savings appear on their card statement within a few days.

And here’s what it looks like:

Much like the Buy button, the only caveat is that the Twitter user claiming the offer has to already have their credit or debit card information linked to Twitter. The upside for brands is they will be able to see exactly how many people availed the offer through Twitter, providing a much-needed ROI figure for this type of marketing.

So far, Twitter is only testing this with a handful of brands, so you can expect to see it show up in some of your timelines this holiday season. 

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