Brands can place and track video ads on TV and digital through Extreme Reach’s unified platform

Brands will now be able to place and track video ads across multiple channels through a single platform being launched by cross-media advertising company Extreme Reach.

The new platform, Extreme Reach says, is the first first end-to-end technology solution to seamlessly bridge TV and digital advertising operations and measurement. It aims to simplify the number of steps being taken by brands or agencies who have to use different platforms to place the same ads on TV and digital. Through Extreme Reach, they can now deploy the same ad on TV, have it optimized for digital channels (social, mobile and web) and track the performance of the ad across all the different channels in a single dashboard.

Some of the metrics that can be viewed in the common dashboard include video quality ratings, geo location viewing, campaign spend and engagement. Here’s what it looks like:

John Roland, CEO of Extreme Reach says the process of unifying campaign management in a single platform greatly reduces the time and cost associated with running a multi-channel campaign.  “TV and digital video advertising campaigns are converging, but prior to our solution, companies only had the technology and expertise to support either the TV workflow or the digital video workflow,” says Roland. “Our video platform makes it easy for advertisers to run the same, professionally produced commercials across all screens and devices while receiving realtime analytics so they can optimize their campaigns. 

The Massachusetts based Extreme Reach manages and delivers 85 percent of all North American TV advertising, and boasts the world’s largest cross-media video ad delivery network, digitally connecting to more than 10,000 video media outlets.

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