Brands are getting far more engagement on Instagram than they are on Twitter

Twitter co-founder and board member Evan Williams says he doesn’t “give a shit if Instagram has more people looking at pretty pictures” but this latest stat might change his mind.

Social media marketing platform Socialbakers recently released a report which says the top brands on Instagram are getting nearly 50 times more engagement with their organic content than they are on Twitter. Engagement in this study is defined as the sum of all retweets, replies, favorites and likes. Socialbakers conducted the study over the last three months.

The stats show that it isn’t even close. The top brands on Instagram had an averag post engagement rate of 3031% versus a measly 0.07% on Instagram.

Put that together with the fact that Instagram now has more monthly active users than Twitter, and we’ve got a very compelling threat for Twitter’s ad dollars. No matter what Williams and co. might say about Twitter being more culturally significant than Instagram’s “pretty pictures” the truth is social media platforms need marketers to monetize. And when Instagram is posting such encouraging results for brand’s organic content, it’s a very attractive proposition for marketers to divert their social media budgets to its platform, instead of the text-heavy Twitter.

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