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Humane chain/Single nonprofit

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity, Melbourne
Client: World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

The World Society for the Protection of Animals wanted to raise awareness of how live-exported sheep are treated on their way from Australia to the Middle East. Clemenger BBDO Proximity created a “Humane Chain” grassroots campaign to encourage 5,000 Australians to write personal letters to local politicians asking them to put a stop to the exporting. The digital chain stretched across the continent and enabled users to generate letters from a series of pre-written phrases and then e-mail or snail-mail their local parliamentarian directly. Over 12,000 Australians registered, sending a total of nearly 6,000 e-mails and almost 1,000 letters by mail.

Executive Creative Director
James McGrath

Art Director/Copywriter
Tom Martin

Copywriter/Art Director
Julian Schreiber consumer

Client: Mars

Skittles candy wanted a Web site that embodied the brand’s tagline: a rainbow of possibilities. built the first “un-site” for a consumer packaged goods brand. All site pages were hosted externally on social media sites Wikipedia, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube, with overlay on each page enabling users to navigate between pages. The site received 875,000 total pageviews the first week and averaged 990 tweets during that time. The site was Twitter’s No. 1 trend topic the day it launched and the increased traffic actually crashed the site. Converstaions and comments within each social network often mentioned intent to buy Skittles.

Executive Creative Director
Mat Zucker

Creative Director
Adam Romero

Dan Cordella

Delivery Manager
Luke McNeur

Geovanny Panchame

Flash Developer
Michael Xue

Fame or shame/Single consumer

Agency: AIM Proximity
Client: The Accident Compensation Corporation

New Zealand government agency ACC wanted to lessen the number of annual serious injuries that occur in the home each year, which average 25,000, as well as reduce the cost of those injuries to the health system. They cost the system $40 million annually. AIM Proximity launched “Fame or Shame” during ACC’s Safety Week, an interactive game in which users were challenged to throw a party for a friend without getting hurt while walking through the virtual house. The game was promoted through social media, and any injuries incurred to the player were posted within the social platform. The first-person aspect of the game conveyed the horror of being seriously hurt in the house. In its first two weeks, the game had 4,800 visits and average time spent was nearly 8 minutes, surpassing ACC’s goal of 1,000 visits total and 1 minute 30 seconds per visit. 

Creative Director
Brett Hoskin

Senior Writer
Mike Gwyther

Interactive Designer
Stephen Horner

Head of Digital Art
Terry Williams-Willcock

Interactive developer
Mirko May

Digital Producer
Michael Hauschild


Make yourself beautiful/Nonprofit Campaign

Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity, Melbourne
Client: WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals)

The World Society for the Protection of Animals tasked Clemenger BBDO Proximity with convincing women to sign a petition encouraging a United Nations animal
welfare declaration. The group wanted to acquire 20,000 signatures, with both
e-mail and mobile contact details, and then convert at least 3% of that group to financial supporters. However, the organization also wanted to avoid shock tactics. Clemenger shifted the campaign’s emphasis from the animals themselves to the empowerment of helping them and set up petitions in every Australian Body Shop store, as well as online. The effort exceeded expectations, with 60,000 consumers signing the petition and 4% becoming financial supporters. One in three Web visitors also returned to further support the campaign, which was then implemented across Canadian Body Shop locations.

Creative Director
Damian Royce

Nick Kelly

Art Directors
Quenton Miller, Manita Sanders

Web Designer
Jon Kerney

Rikki Whyte

Account Manager
Louise Paton



Can you make it!?
Red Urban GmbH, Munich

Red Bull GmbH
ECD: Andreas Klemp

Juicy fruit ranch
Red Urban GmbH, Munich

Wrigley GmbH
CD, online: Scott Wilms

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