Brand Demands Spur Rise in Ad Viewability

Display ads purchased programmatically exhibited a six-point rise in viewability in a single quarter due to pressures from advertisers. With top dollar being paid for ads that are actually seen, networks and exchanges adopted measurement technologies and lifted viewability from 36.7% in Q3 2014 to 42.6% in Q4, according to an analysis of billions of impressions by Integral Ad Science.

With some 85% of advertisers engaging in programmatic buying, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, standards of network buys are slowly rising to the level of inventory purchased directly from premium publishers, which registered viewability of 53.4% in Q4.

“Viewability is slowly becoming the currency,” says Kiril Tsemekhman, Integral’s chief data officer. “Advertisers are only paying for in-view ads, and they’re paying a higher CPM.”

Video viewability rose nine points quarter-over-quarter to 39%, and completion rates jumped six points to 26%. “There’s a lot of room for improvement in video,” Tsemekhman says. “The more brands measure it, the more improvement we’ll see.”

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