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Brady Leaves Acxiom/Direct Media for Toronto E-Mail Distributor

Regina Brady has resigned as the head of Acxiom/Direct Media’s interactive services division and has agreed to join Media Synergy as of next week, according to Peter Evans, vice president of marketing at Media Synergy, a Toronto technology company that provides e-mail distribution services.

Evans declined to reveal more details about Brady's duties, other than to say that she would hold “a senior position” at the company. She reportedly will remain in Connecticut.

Before joining Acxiom/Direct Media, Greenwich, CT, in 1997, Brady had served as director of acquisition and retention marketing at Internet service provider CompuServe, Columbus, OH.

“We’ve worked with Reggie for the better part of year,” said Evans, explaining that Media Synergy and Acxiom have partnered on some business ventures. “She ‘gets’ interactive. She’s one of those unique people that really understands where the market is going and how big this is going to be.”

Media Synergy distributes technology called floNetwork, which facilitates high-volume, scaleable e-mail deployments.

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