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BPA: EWeek Leads in Digital Subs

EWeek led the Top 25 list of BPA Worldwide-audited publications with digital subscriptions, according to a ranking for the second half of 2004.

Digital subscriptions accounted for 16.2 percent, or 65,000, of eWeek's total qualified circulation of 400,100 for the six months ending Dec. 31.

Computer Weekly's 40,065 digital subscriptions, Microsoft Certified Professional's 39,092, NASA Tech Briefs' 31,179 and Electronics Weekly's 16,853 rounded out the top five.

All rankings are by the number of digital subscriptions and not the percentage of total circulation.

The number of BPA-audited titles with digital subscriptions is growing rapidly. Most of the growth is from business-to-business titles, though some are consumer.

“Publishers are responding to the needs of their audiences, as always,” said Karlene Lukovitz, BPA's vice president of communications in Shelton, CT. “Certainly, most business-to-business markets, and within some consumer markets, there are segments of people who like to receive their magazines this way, and may actually prefer it to print.

“It's also a critical tool for opening up international subscriptions for publishers. Naturally, having these segments who are receptive to digital also helps publishers control distribution costs.”

In June 2003, the BPA statement showed 30 publications with digital versions. It jumped to 46 titles in December 2003 and 66 in June 2004. The count for December 2004 was 101 titles.

The delivery of every digital copy must be audited for it to be reported on a BPA statement. BPA verifies receipt of the e-mail alert or delivery of the PDF sent by e-mail.

Publishers may also report, and have the BPA audit, downloads of digital version copies. BPA currently audits on a download basis for a few members.

Such processes are mandatory because the digital copies are held to the same auditing standard as print copies.

The ranking of the top 25 business and consumer titles by volume of digital subscriptions is available in PDF format by clicking

For a complete listing click below:


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