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BPA board adds, amends rules

BPA Worldwide approved a number of new rules and amendments at its latest board of directors meeting, including changes to digital audit regulations and various reporting procedures.

For both business publications and consumer magazines BPA has ruled that, once a publisher passes a digital pre-audit, other titles within the company that use the same vendor for digital magazine distribution do not need to pass another pre-audit. A pre-audit is still required for each publishing company and may also be required if the software changes or if there is a vendor change.

In another change affecting business and consumer titles, BPA is now requiring that trend data be reported in six-month increments for the previous three years. Reports used to show yearly data for the past five years. The reports may also show audited integrated media data — including site traffic, event attendance, pass-along rates and e-newsletter distribution — on the cover. Integrated data must be audited within the period reported on the statement, unless the most recent data falls outside the statement period.

For consumer magazines, the board voted to allow loyalty point programs, so long as they are approved by the BPA president. These programs may be used to entice readers into higher engagement and activity with the publication.

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