Bowflex, Venus Not Planned for ‘Catalog Show’

The makers of the Bowflex and Venus Swimwear brands have no plans to feature their products on an hourlong DRTV show that will bring catalog marketing to the airwaves. Meanwhile, the show's producer said he has delayed the airdate until mid-August while he negotiates a media distribution opportunity.

A marketing executive with The Nautilus Group, which makes and distributes Bowflex exercise equipment, said Bowflex will not be included on MD Media Group's “The Catalog Show.” Venus Swimwear similarly said it had no plans for its products to appear. DM News reported in its May 26 edition that “The Catalog Show” would highlight both brands.

Michael Wojchick, president of MD Media Group, said he used Bowflex only as an example of the types of products he wants to see on “The Catalog Show.” He said he offered Venus Swimwear a free spot in gratitude for free merchandise he had received from the company for use in previous film shoots.

However, Daryle Scott, president of Venus Swimwear, Jacksonville, FL, said it is unlikely Venus will be involved, though the company has asked MD Media for a written proposal. Venus Swimwear products don't sell well via DRTV because the medium's audiences don't generally fit the brand's target demographic, Scott said.

“The Catalog Show” concept calls for products from numerous retailers to be featured on a long-format DRTV program.

Wojchick declined to reveal the merchandisers slated to appear on the show for proprietary reasons, but he said he has been contacted by several companies, including those in automotive, cosmetics, tools and wireless. The show originally was slated to air this month.

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