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Boutique hotels join loyalty network

Red Carnation Hotels (RCH), a group of 13 boutique hotels in the US, Europe and South Africa, has joined a loyalty network called ClubHotel.

ClubHotel is a paid membership loyalty club serving more than 400 hotels and resorts worldwide. In return for their $150 annual fee, ClubHotel’s more than 600,000 members receive reciprocal preferred room rates and discounted dining benefits at all participating hotels. The program markets itself to small and midsize businesses with corporate travelers, a target demographic that RCH hopes to attract more of through joining ClubHotel.

Since launching its ClubHotel program in late May, RCH has sent out multiple campaigns to sections of the ClubHotel database. The hotel group is particularly targeting frequent travelers with high disposable income and interest in value over discounts. Many in the database are SMB managers and owners. The next step for RCH will be to mine the ClubHotel data and expand its campaigns.

“The ultimate goal in any campaign is to raise the awareness of Red Carnation Hotels and the individual hotels within our collection, acquire new leads and guest data and build customer and brand loyalty,” wrote Alexandra Withers, director of marketing, RCH. “We are able to target over 600,000 active ClubHotel members, many of which may not have heard of our collection before, therefore providing us the perfect vehicle to increase our awareness through this new distribution channel.”

RCH does not offer a card or points-based loyalty program. Instead, the hotel group depends on guest recognition, value and the overall guest experience to engage visitors and build loyalty over time. RCH also works with a number of other promotional partners, including American Express, Virgin Atlantic Airways and the British Museum.
RCH is a member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association.

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