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Boston Mayor Drops Video E-Mail for Tech Event

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino has sent his first video e-mail to members of the city's business community, an invitation to attend the Evening on the Bridge celebration slated for Sept. 12.

About 2,700 executives were targeted for this drop, which was handled on a pro bono basis by advertising agency Partners + Simons, Boston. Names were compiled from City Hall lists and the agency's business contacts.

“The purpose is to celebrate and recognize TechBoston and Technology Goes Home program participants and graduates and also to unite the local community,” said Ed DeMore, CEO of the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation.

To be held for the first time, the celebration is meant to bring together community members. This includes corporate sponsors, community program participants, government and families and students involved in collaborative technology education.

The e-mail cites the effect programs like TechBoston and Technology Goes Home has had on local families. To get an idea of this, Menino asks recipients to click on the video link at partnersandsimons.com, citing the agency as a local business that has made a difference.

Then there is the clincher: “After you view the video, please return to this link, at which you can instantly purchase tickets for the Evening on the Bridge,” the mayor said, pointing recipients to eveningonthebridge.org and a toll-free number.

Tickets cost $200 apiece, though that is not mentioned in the mayor's e-mail.

“We are expecting approximately 600-plus people,” DeMore said.

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