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Borders adds options to Rewards loyalty program

Multichannel book retailer Borders revamped its “Rewards” loyalty program September 1, adding paid options.

The paid Rewards Plus program, which costs $20 per year, gives customers 40% off the list price of hardcover best-sellers, 20% off the list price of select hardcovers, 10% off the purchase price of most other items and free shipping on online orders.

Members of the free program receive 30% off the list price of hardcover best-sellers and free shipping on online orders of $25 or more.

Borders also has added a gold tier to its free option. Customers who spend at least $150 in a year will be able to earn “Borders Bucks” at a quicker rate and receive a personal shopping day — in which they receive 10% off most items in the store.

“We knew there was an opportunity to take our program to a whole new different level,” said Bill Dandy, SVP of marketing at Borders. “More than anything, we saw this as an opportunity to be much more engaged with our consumer through a much more effective approach to not just our loyalty program but CRM, as well.”

Borders Rewards is also focused on teachers. Any educator who is a member will receive a personal shopping day, as well as 25% discounts on eligible items. Beginning October 1, parents, friends and families may donate Borders Bucks they’ve accrued to their favorite teacher, who can use them to purchase school supplies or personal items.

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