**Boothless Company Finds Ways to Cope

NEW ORLEANS — “Sorry our booth still didn't arrive-But we did!” reads the handwritten sign outside the New Brunswick Call Center Team's booth here. For the past two days the Canadian call center location has been without its booth, which was supposed to arrive here late last week.

The New Brunswick Call Center Team has exhibited at the Direct Marketing Association's annual fall show in the past, but this is the first time it has done it in a few years.

Jim Scott, project executive for the New Brunswick Call Center Team, said the booth was last used at a show in Chicago, where it was stored. He said the booth was supposed to have arrived from Chicago sometime yesterday, but depending on when it arrives, the company may not even set it up. “If it gets here before the end of the day, we will set it up,” Scott said. “But if it's not here until tomorrow, we most likely won't bother.”

The DMA provided the company with a sign saying that the booth hadn't arrived, but Scott said the handwritten sign the company made itself has been getting a much better reaction.

“We have gotten such a good reaction from our sign that we are thinking of never using a booth again,” he joked. “Most people stop, realize what it says and smile. A lot of the people then come in and talk to us. It has created a decent amount of traffic for us.”

Scott would not say which shipping company the company used. There is a table and some chairs supplied by the Morial Convention Center. There are also brochures, giveaways and a 10-foot backdrop sign that were shipped from the company's office in New Brunswick.

What was supposed to be here waiting was signage, a 20-foot backdrop and some Canadian-made products, including Moosehead beer.

“I think maybe someone got into our supply of beer, and that's why it hasn't arrived yet,” Scott said with tongue in cheek.

Scott said the worst moment of the whole ordeal was when he first realized that the booth wasn't here.

“It hits you in the gut and feels pretty bad initially,” he said. “You do trade shows, and this type of thing just happens sometimes. You just have to move on and try to turn a bad situation into the best possible advantage.”

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