Boost ROI with better delivery

There are a few basic principles that are best practices to ensure we generate the highest level of deliverability rates as possible.

First let’s look at some basic industry averages. Jupiter Research says the following are industry averages for generic e-mails: deliverability rates of 88 percent, open rates of 20 percent, click-through rates of 9.5 percent and conversions of 1.1 percent.

What this means is that for every 1,000 e-mails, you might possibly get one person to buy your product or services within your e-mail program. Anywhere from 60 percent to 70 percent of the people receiving your messages are simply ignoring you. As such, marketers must challenge the status quo in order to solve this problem.

Way to improve delivery rates

Consistent assessment, monitoring and adjusting of deliverability is the first step. Deliverability is not a science. It is a process that changes frequently each hour, each day or each month.

Marketers must create relevancy in their e-mail. No more generic e-mails. Push the envelope, segment your audience and offer promotions and deals to your customer base. One size does not fit all.

A case for cost cutting
Let’s explore a simple ROI case for a marketer sending 2 million messages per month with an average order of $35. Following the percentages above a company would make $12,845. By increasing the deliverability rates by 2 percent to 90 percent, a company would make $49,140 seeing a gross revenue uplift of $36,295 and an annual uplift of $435,540.

There are many moving parts in this equation. The important thing to remember is that focus and commitment to all of the parts contribute to strong results.

Some best practices to improve these rates include understanding what is in your house file, determining what makes up 90 percent of your domains and test rendering, monitoring and cleansing your data. In addition, don’t mix your house file with any “purchased” or “rented” lists. Check that you are not triggering any spam filters with your message and that you are not being bulked by the Internet service provider. Stay on top of rules and regulations in the industry and that are provided by each ISP.

Monitor and adjust as necessary. Remember: This is not a science but an art form that takes time and continuous effort.

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