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Boost Grant elevates Laurens County businesses

"Boosted Laurens Businesses"
“Boosted Laurens Businesses”

In Laurens County, Sanitary Market and Great Crepes and More, have been boosted with a Boost Grant by the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce and the Laurens County Council. They believe this grant will help enhance the local economy and stimulate job creation.

The laureates, Sanitary Market and Great Crepes and More, have shown great potential as drivers of economic growth in Laurens County. The Boost Grant, a joint initiative of the local chamber of commerce and council, reflects a commitment to cultivating talent and nurturing economic expansion.

Expectedly, the grant will enable both recipients to scale up their businesses and increase employment in Laurens County. The laureates are encouraged to innovate and bring something fresh to the local market, with the ultimate ambition of fostering a dynamic and prosperous business environment suitable for attracting further investments.

The Boost Grant focuses on companies with less than a year’s experience, less than ten employees, and located within Laurens County.

Boost Grant propels Laurens County businesses

It aims to support start-ups showing promising potential, with funding that can be utilized for various endeavors including hiring, marketing, or equipment purchase.

Sanitary Market, led by Ryland and Katy Culbertson, and Great Crepes and More, managed by Jimmy and Kaleefa Neely, have each received $5,000 in grant funds. Serving a unique blend of pancakes and tortillas, Great Crepes and More has managed to create a niche for themselves within the local community. They plan to diversify their menu, possibly including alcohol beverages like mimosas.

Sanitary Market conversely plans to enhance their services for the customer by purchasing a new cooler and bread slicer. These latest additions aim to enhance operational efficiency and the overall shopping experience for their customers.

Both businesses strive to maintain their community focus and inviting atmosphere while planning to diversify. They believe in building strong relationships with their local customers and are committed to giving back to the community they serve.

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