Boomtrain Makes a Stop At Oracle

One of the reasons one-to-one marketing is so darn hard to implement is that, well, it’s so darn hard to implement. Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work. Every company needs to design the system that works specifically for it. That’s the conviction of Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards, and that’s why he’s staffed his predictive personalization platform with some of the people who designed state-of-the-art personalization programs at companies the likes of Amazon and Netflix.

Today, less than two months after receiving $12 million in funding, Boomtrain launched a personalization on the Oracle AppCloud, presenting marketers with the same tools, Edwards claims, used by digital marketing leaders in building their personalization machines.

“Companies are starting to transcend the old notion of personalization—sending messages to segments, inserting someone’s first name or point total,” Edwards says. “When we say ‘personalization,’ we mean building an identity graph like ones done at Facebook and LinkedIn. We’ve built a similar approach—identity graph as a service.”

Oracle marketing cloud users, both B2B and B2C, can add their first-party customer data to Boomtrain’s solution to connect cross-channel, content, and social media marketing with data management and activation. The Boomtrain app can be installed via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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