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Bookspan Explains Files to List Professionals

NEW YORK — Bookspan briefed list professionals about changes and new selections on its large roster of files at a cocktail party following the Direct Marketing Association's List Vision 2001 conference here on Friday.

Bookspan was created in February 2000 as a joint venture between Book-of-the-Month Club and Doubleday Direct Inc. The files are now broken down into three major categories: Bookspan New York (formerly BOMC), Bookspan Garden City (formerly DDI) and Doubleday Select (formerly Newbridge).

As of Sept. 1, all three Bookspan files will have the following new features:

Bookspan GC will begin external order fulfillment at service bureau Commerce Register and will add enhancements, modeling capabilities and new interest book buyer selections.

Bookspan NY also will offer new modeling capabilities in addition to Internet joiners/buyers and recency of affinity category purchase.

Doubleday Select will add new enhancements and will begin monthly updates.

As an incentive for mailers to test, Bookspan is offering 15,000 free names to mailers that use one of the three files they have not mailed before.

Bookspan NY has more than 3.2 million names and a package insert program circulation of 6.3 million per year. American List Counsel, Princeton, NJ, manages the Bookspan NY lists, and Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, manages the majority of its alternative media programs. However, Singer Direct, Scarsdale, NY, manages the Country Home & Gardens alternative media programs for Bookspan NY.

Bookspan GC has more than 4.8 million names and a package insert program circulation of 10.2 million per year. ClientLogic Specialists Marketing Services, Weehawken, NJ, manages the Bookspan NY lists, and Singer Direct manages its alternative media programs.

Doubleday Select has a total file size of 820,000. American List Counsel manages the Doubleday Select lists, and Direct Media manages its alternative media programs.

Bookspan, American List Counsel, ClientLogic, Direct Media and Singer Direct hosted the event, held Aug. 9 at the Grand Hyatt.

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