Bonnier focuses on smaller audience for ski titles

Skiing and Ski magazines, both from Bonnier Corp., are reducing their rate bases, starting with their September issues.

Skiing will move from a rate base of 400,000 to 300,000, and Ski is going from 450,000 to 400,000. Executives say the reductions are to better focus on key demographics: 18-35-year olds for Skiing, and boomers for Ski. The rate base cuts will not extend to Bonnier’s other skiing titles, which including Women’s Skiing, Boost and SnoWorld.

“The strategy is to deliver the most committed skiers to our advertisers and to reduce the amount of verified circulation included in the magazine’s rate bases,” noted Dean Turcol, VP of communications for Bonnier, in an e-mail.

Turcol also said that the focus on key age demographics is not a strategy shift for the magazines; Ski has traditionally been aimed at boomers, and Skiing and Women’s Skiing are designed for Generation X readers.

“We’re trying to satisfy the needs of the different segments of skiers — the mature segment/traditionalist [for Ski] and those who understand Skiing is about breaking the rules, doing what you want and having fun,” Bonnier said in a company presentation on the two titles.

Bonnier relies on direct mail, online offers, inserts and partnerships with ski resorts and manufacturers to promote the titles.

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