Boldly Go Where No Marketing Has Gone Before

From Australia to Austria, from Brazil to Belgium, creatives and marketers who love a challenge love Caples.

What sets apart the global awards competition is its intense focus on courageous marketing. Campaigns that win at Caples win not only because they solve a complicated marketing problem, but also—and especially—because they do so courageously. What’s more, campaigns that win at Caples have earned votes, and praise, from the toughest audience out there: senior creative directors. The Caples jury comprises nearly 50 top creative directors from leading digital and direct agencies around the globe. In fact, Caples standards are so high that winning one factors into the scoring for Creative Agency of the Year from the One Report.

“You know you’ve seen good work when what you see makes you jealous and wish you’d had the idea first,” says Caples Committee Chair Gary Scheiner. “That’s the kind of work we see every year at Caples.”

In 2013, for example, the campaign “Driving Dogs,” by Draftfcb Auckland for SPCA and New Zealand MINI took Best in Show. Proving that rescue dogs are as smart as pure breeds by teaching several of them to drive a car and then videotaping them in action, the SPCA generated massive social reach: 1 billion people in total, including 70 million via Twitter, 18,000 via Facebook, and 10 million via YouTube at the time of Caples judging. The campaign sparked an uptick in adoptions—in fact, every SPCA dog awaiting adoption at that time was adopted by the end of the campaign—and a 160% sales increase for MINI.

Feeling daring yourself? Enter your innovative work at in any of the 25+ categories before the September 5, 2014 deadline. Caples judging will be held on November 11 and 12 in New York. Judges, entrants, and other top creatives and marketers will fete the winners at the Caples Reveal on the evening of November 12 in New York.

Founded 37 years ago, the New York–based Caples awards continues to celebrate the boldest solutions to marketing challenges from agencies and their clients from around the world. 

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