Board Dismisses 33 Allegations of Unfair Labor Practices by Quebecor

Quebecor World, Montreal, said yesterday that the National Labor Relations Board has dismissed, or will dismiss, 33 allegations of unfair labor practices that were brought against the printer by the Graphic Communications International Union on behalf of company employees.

The union agreed to withdraw three other allegations it made against Quebecor, the company said. Quebecor also said the goal of what it described as the union's campaign against the company is to increase its membership.

However, the union stated that two regional directors of the NLRB found merit in five unfair-labor-practice charges filed by workers at Quebecor in Corinth, MS, and Versailles, KY. The NLRB directors said the company has intimidated, coerced, discriminated and retaliated against employees who want to form a union, according to the GCIU. The finding means that an investigation of the charges revealed sufficient evidence to pursue further action on behalf of the workers.

Quebecor workers throughout the United States are trying to form a union with the GCIU as part of the [email protected] campaign. The campaign began in December 2003.

Quebecor workers in plants nationwide have previously filed more than 50 charges claiming the company threatened, harassed and fired workers because they have tried to unionize.

Quebecor also said that in all of the recent allegations made by the union against the company, the NLRB so far has indicated the company is in technical violation in two minor instances. In resolving these matters, the company did not admit to any violation of the law, nor was there any formal finding to that effect, according to the company.

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