BMW surprises pro golfers with mirror cling invite

The Offer: BMW wanted to reach “influencers,” in the golf community to help cement it as the preferred brand among trendsetters. Recognizing that golfers are inundated with gifts from marketers at tournaments, it aimed to cut through the clutter by providing the chance to drive its M Series car on a racetrack going up to 120mph.

The Data: BMW targeted the pro golfers at its BMW Championship golf tournament.

The Creative/Channel: Rather than hand an invite to golfers as other marketers were doing, BMW headed to their hotel rooms. Its agency, Baldwinand, helped to create a 5 by 9 inch die-cut vinyl marketing piece that stuck to the hotel mirror. Shaped like a racecar helmet, it was positioned so the sticker sat over the player’s head in the mirror. It invited the viewer to visit the Autobahn Country Club Race Track. Twelve players out of 70 took BMW up on the offer.

The Verdict: BMW created a simple and witty way to invite top notch golfers (or ‘influencers’ as they see them) to take a spin in one of their automobiles around a racetrack and hopefully win them over to the brand.

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