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BMG Enters Agreement With CD Manufacturer

BMG Special Products (www.bmgsp.com), New York, has struck a deal with a compact disc manufacturer to create custom CDs for companies to use as premiums and incentives.

Under the deal, announced today, CustomDisc.com (www.customdisc.com), Stamford, CT, will offer firms selections from BMG's music catalog.

The agreement will be aimed at helping Fortune 500 companies create promotional gifts and branded, personalized incentives that they will mail to consumers.

Customers will redeem incentives by filling out a CUSTOMCD certificate provided to them by a company through either a voucher, a mailing or an e-mail offer. On the certificate, customers will specify which 10 songs — out of a list of 500 — they want on their CD. Customers will then be mailed the CD containing their selections, their name and company logo or artwork.

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