Bluewater acquires Riverock Technologies

Direct marketing software and services company Bluewater acquired social business software provider Riverock Technologies on January 11.

Minneapolis, MN-based Bluewater will add Riverock’s OnePlace social business technology to Bluewater’s software products.

Bluewater needed deeper social software development skills to evolve its direct marketing technologies, while Riverock wanted wider access to markets rapidly adopting social business tools, the companies said. Bluewater works with franchise corporate offices to bolster local marketing campaigns.

“In addition to trusting Bluewater to manage their direct marketing campaigns, the OnePlace product will give clients the opportunity to use the rich team collaboration solution to help them organize their marketing plans and complete tasks,” said Steve Kickert, founder of Riverock and now president at Bluewater.

Bluewater adopted Riverock’s OnePlace software internally last year and has noticed a competitive advantage in its day-to-day operations as a result, said Bluewater CEO Christine Kropp.

“The adoption of OnePlace was an eye-opening experience that provided an overwhelming increase of team communication and productivity within Bluewater,” said Kropp. “Products like OnePlace will be adopted in different ways according to the specific needs of each business model.”

Kickert’s move to president at Bluewater is the only management title change as a result of the acquisition.

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