Bluetooth to release SIGnature magazine

Pace Communications has signed on to produce a new magazine for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), titled SIGnature. The publication officially launched this week during the Bluetooth SIG meeting in Vienna, Austria.

The SIG is an international trade organization responsible for advancing Bluetooth wireless technology and representing a range of industries and manufacturers such as Apple, Microsoft, Motorola and Toyota.

SIGnature, a quarterly business-to-business publication, provides an inside look at the ways Bluetooth technology is effecting the global short-range wireless sector.

The targeted audience of the publication is engineers, software developers, researchers, marketing professionals and retailers.

Content of the magazine will contain in-depth looks into present Bluetooth applications and future possibilities of integrating Bluetooth technology into home, work and personal life.

The title will also feature retailer profiles to highlight the best practices for marketing the technology at a store level.

Industry insiders will offer insights into current trends and forecasts for future innovations and applications using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Each issue of the magazine will reach more than 10,000 readers from the network of more than 7,000 Bluetooth SIG member companies around the globe.

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