Bluestem signs new Quad/Graphics services extension

Printer Quad/Graphics signed a $135 million multi-year agreement with long-term partner Bluestem Brands on Dec. 12. Under the terms of the new agreement, Quad/Graphics will increase its media services up to 2,000%, said Jeffrey T. Brogle, Quad/Graphics Midwest sales director.

Quad/Graphics will provide video and photography services run out of a Minneapolis-based facility, Brogle said. Along with page production, creative support and related workflow software, these services comprise a majority of the media services increase, he said.

“Expanding our service footprint is a new milestone in our longstanding partnership between Quad and Bluestem,” Brogle said. “The integration of Quad’s full suite of media solutions ensures that Bluestem will continue to stay on the leading edge of the technology today to drive multichannel revenue.”

Quad/Graphics and Bluestem Brands have worked together for more than a decade, Brogle said.

The printer has also agreed to implement a new on-site facilities management arrangement where its employees will work directly with Bluestem merchandisers and its creative team on page layout and production. It will continue to provide all printing and paper procurement services for Bluestem.

“We’re very pleased with their decision to entrust us with such a large portion of their service footprint,” Brogle said. “It’s a testament to the strength of the partnership.”

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