Maintains Most Visited Shopping Site Status for April and are knocked out of the top ten most frequently visited digital media shopping sites on the Web for the month of April compared with results for March, according to Internet audience measurement firm Media Metrix Inc., New York., AOL Shopping Channel and maintain their top three positions for April compared with results for March.

Site Unique Visitors Rank In March

1. 11,507 1

2. AOL Shopping Channel 9,730 2

3. 9,497 3

4. 7,168 4

5. Cnet Software Download Services * 4,618 5

6. 3,954 6

7. 2,979 7

8. 2,395 N/A

9. 2,348 8

10. 2,314 N/A

Media Metrix defines unique visitors (shown in thousands) as the actual number of total users who visited the Web site once in March. All unique visitors are counted only once. Media Metrix uses software to track the behavior of more than 40,000 randomly recruited individuals throughout the United States.

* Includes more than one commonly owned and/or brand domain name.

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