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BlueKai hires first SVP of marketing

Database marketing company BlueKai has hired Cory Treffiletti to be its first SVP of marketing, says Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai. Treffiletti was most recently president of Catalyst S+F, a marketing consulting firm.

As SVP of marketing, Treffiletti will report directly to the CEO, Tawakol says. Treffiletti currently has three direct reports, but the team is expected to grow in the near future, he says.

BlueKai did not rely on a recruiter for the position, Tawakol says, but did look a bit internally before deciding to hire someone from outside the company. “We kind of knew the type of people that we wanted,” he says. “When I started reaching out to friends it was amazing how many referrals we got.” From the beginning, Treffiletti was a clear front-runner, Tawakol says.

In his role, Treffiletti will oversee all of BlueKai’s marketing operations, Tawakol says. “We’ve gotten to a point where we now have someone looking through our branding, our positioning and how we evangelize our products across our teams,” he says.

In August 2011, BlueKai hired Jon Ingalls, formerly of Amazon.com, to become its CMO, and Sam Wolff, formerly of Yahoo, to be its CFO.

Treffiletti’s hiring will not change the overall structure of BlueKai’s marketing team, he says.

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