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Blogs And Social Media Not as Important as Once Thought

Contrary to popular belief, blogs and social media don’t have a large impact on the B2B buying cycle. More than one third (34%) of marketers say that they don’t use blogs in their quest to discover vendors and 38% say the same for social.

Vendors that do rely on blogs or social media to accrue traffic and leads are missing a wider range of opportunities, according to the “B2B Web Usability Report.” These vendors, the report continues, should consider developing a strategy that integrates a broader spectrum of online marketing channels and tactics, such as case studies, testimonials, and in-depth content marketing assets.

Another sticking point from the report is that buyers need thorough contact information to make purchasing decisions. A lack of such information, data confirms, will cause buyers to abandon a website, as well as diminish the vendor’s credibility in the eye of the buyer.

The final takeaway is that there’s a vast disconnect between the content that vendors supply on their websites and the content that buyers need to move forward with their purchasing decisions. This chasm is particularly evident when it comes to the sales and product-related info buyers crave versus the information that vendors actually provide on their websites.

The trick for vendors, according to the report, is to know which content assets buyers need to move forward. Depending on performance metrics defined, the report advises vendors to consider putting marketing efforts toward traditional assets like whitepapers and case studies prior to jumping into new assets like video, infographics, or podcasts.

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