Bliss extends its WOM focus with SheSpeaks partnership

Bliss, a national spa with a beauty care product line, has teamed up with word-of-mouth marketing network SheSpeaks to promote the launch of its new Best of Skintentions daily moisturizer. ?

The goal of the campaign is to help Bliss build awareness by reaching 125,000 women nationwide through the social network SheSpeaks. ?

“The objectives of the campaign are to drive brand awareness and online chatter and bring buzz to the offline world,” said Kerry O’Day, marketing director at Bliss. “We wanted to make people aware of our new product launch as we start to grow our spa footprint.”?

Women in the SheSpeaks network that fit the profile Bliss is trying to target —18- to 45-year-olds who have spent $30 or more on skin care at a premium retailer and who live in the NY, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, LA or Scottsdale, AZ areas — were contacted via e-mail and asked if they would like to receive free product samples and a $5-off coupon.?

Once they receive the products, prospects will then be contacted for feedback about them on the SheSpeaks Bliss forum. They are also encouraged to pass along the page to share their thoughts on the brand.?

“We always start with targeting and responsiveness to the message first, because we are very much driven by our response,” said Aliza Freud, founder/CEO of?SheSpeaks. “This audience is highly engaged… you are not only getting the directly targeted people, but also people who are waiting for the product in the mail.”?

For Bliss, marketing is all about word-of-mouth. In fact, the brand doesn’t advertise, but instead runs campaigns that involve the community to build buzz before opening a spa in the area.?

For example, when Bliss opens a new spa in a city, it begins the “You be the fudge” campaign, in which consumers can vote on three bakeries who are competing to be the signature Bliss brownie provider in that town.?

“We do not advertise as a brand, so most of our awareness has been about PR and word-of-mouth, ” added O’Day. “We are always looking at how we can make the brand appealing on a local level. This helps us build a local database and brings the fun factor of the brand to life in a new market.” l?

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