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BizTalk Deal Gives YesMail 1.3 Million BTB Names

YesMail yesterday added 1.3 million business-to-business names to its database.

The expansion comes after a deal with BizTalk.com, Del Ray Beach, FL, a provider of financial services to business owners and entrepreneurs. The agreement calls for YesMail, Chicago, a provider of e-mail marketing solutions, to manage BizTalk’s list.

The BizTalk file includes the names of business owners and representatives who have asked to receive marketing information and promotions about business-related products or services. The database increases YesMail’s list of names to more than 25 million.

“The inventory that comes with this sizable list is heavy with industry data,” said Liege Payne, director of list management at YesMail. “So we can select by education industry or telecommunications industry, by title, by company size and revenue, and a number of other very targeted categories.”

Payne said that BizTalk collects data on its registration page and subsequently surveys its member base to “bolster that data” by regularly updating its files.

YesMail adds the BizTalk list to its OfficeMax file, which has 50,000 business names, and its own business file of chief officers and vice presidents, which has about 146,000 names, Payne said.

In related news, YesMail yesterday partnered with BrightStreet, Cupertino, CA, a provider of coupon technology. The licensing agreement enables YesMail to offer its clients BrightStreet’s couponing solution to its clients.

The couponing technology, which is priced at $1,500 at a 10 CPM rate, allows marketers to deliver coupons via e-mail to targeted audiences.

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