Bitly partners with social marketing platforms to provide data on shared links

Today Bitly announced its Certified Partner Program, which allows a group of select social marketing platforms to access and integrate analytics from its link-shortening service into their software.

The group of inital partners includes some of the most buzzed about platforms in the social media and content marketing, including Spredfast, Sprinklr, Buffer, Percolate, Dynamic Signal and Everyone Social and IFTTT. These platforms will get access to Bitly data and functionality to help clients control, measure and optimize the performance of their links. 

“We’re excited to be an official Bitly Certified Partner,” said Noah Brier, CEO at Percolate. “Beyond the obvious advantages of a massive data set and enterprise-grade link analytics, they make integration a breeze with excellent documentation and bullet-proof reliability.”

The Certified Partner Program will be headed by Jennifer Hanser, Bitly’s senior director of strategy and partnerships, who will work to create more data sharing and licensing deals for the service.

We know Bitly simply as a link-shortening service, but the platform also provides analytics for its links, which aren’t as readily accessed by users. Perhaps recognizing the low-visibility of this feature, Bitly is extending its data for integration with social media and content marketing platforms who will provide analytics to the people who crave it most, marketers.

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