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Biotech Firm Looks for SEM Help at the Catalog Conference

ORLANDO, FL – Executives from a biotech company making a urine odor and stain remover were making the rounds at the catalog conference looking for help with search engine marketing.

The two-year-old Bio-Pro Research LLC sent product manager Kelly Kirschner and his colleague to explore options after ending its six-month contract with Websourced Inc.'s KeywordRanking, Morrisville, NC.

“We've been pleased with the organic growth in the traffic to our site, but we circled the wagons and want to grow this in an exhaustive approach, not just the search engine optimization approach, but also efficient pay-per-click campaigns,” Kirschner said.

“We felt that KeywordRanking had seeded the bed well and we were going to take a step back and watch the growth and take it from there.”

The Bio-Pro product is Urine-Off. Priced at $19.95 for 500 milliliters, the product is sold at two company-owned online stores, veterinarians' offices, flooring and pet stores and the Home Shopping Network. A presence in mass retail stores is soon expected.

The Sarasota, FL, firm is testing a two-minute direct response television commercial to drive traffic to www.urineoff.com. The other site, www.urine-off.com, also sells the product.

Bio-Pro has handled pay-per-click management inhouse. It wants to outsource that task to a search engine firm and yet retain a degree of control over the data that is generated.

“We came to this show to meet with companies that [could] continue to work with us and help train us and boost our friendliness with search engine optimization,” Kirschner said. “This is somebody who could help us with click management, somebody who could stay on top of this day-by-day, week-by-week, monitoring costs per sale and overall general ROI of the campaign.”

Bio-Pro's budget for Urine-Off pay-per-click search efforts is only $2,000. But this is a step up from the $1,500 per month it was spending with KeywordRankings.

The pay-per-click budget may grow, Kirschner said.

“As long as it makes sense, as long as the cost-per-sale works, as long as we keep growing,” he said.

Bio-Pro was spun off by Environmental Biotech. Its Urine-Off product originally served poultry farmers by eliminating bacteria that clogged drains, stained floors or removed stains. But it proved too expensive for poultry farmers, possibly forcing them to raise the price of chickens in the process.

Urine-Off is now being used by the flooring industry during carpet removal and by pet stores. The product also is targeted at vets and assisted living facilities with people displaying incontinence.

The product is gaining traction because of repeat purchases, Kirschner said. Revenue jumped from $60,000 in 2003 to $2 million last year. This year's projection is for $5 million.

“We know there's a market there,” Kirschner said. “Over half the country has a pet in their house. Pets, young and old, will have accidents. We have a product that works and creates lifetime customers.”

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