Billboard shows Coca-Cola’s commitment to environment

The Offer: Commuters get a breath of fresh air as they walk past this “living” billboard, which advertises Coca-Cola but is made of all plants and located in the heart of Manila’s busiest street.

The Data: The billboard was revealed on June 23 by The Coca-Cola Co. and the World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, a busy Manila street that handles an average of 316,345 cars per section every day. The 60 x 60 billboard utilizes creative and eco-friendly mechanisms, including 3,600 pots of Fukien tea plants.

The Channel: The billboard has the dual effect of high visibility and meeting an environmental need. Momentum Philippines, which created the campaign, said it is intended to connect with consumers on a physical and mental level, making them aware of environmental issues while transforming the out-of-home advertising medium.

The Creative: Recycled Coca-Cola bottles were used as pots, all filled with a mixture of industrial byproducts and organic fertilizers. A drip-irrigation system was installed to allow for efficient watering. The campaign is intended to both showcase Coca-Cola’s commitment to the environment and encourage Filipinos to make a positive impact on the environment.


Steve Kerho is SVP of strategy, analytics, media and marketing optimization at Organic. He was previously the director of interactive marketing and media for Nissan North America. Kerho is based in San Francisco. 

This is a good example of how the concept of outdoor media continues to evolve. Concern for the environment is increasingly important for many consumers, and creating a living, carbon-dioxide-eating billboard from recycled Coca-Cola bottles is truly innovative. However, I would like to have seen an ability to interact with this billboard.

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