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Big Data’s Latest Conquest: Real Estate


It’s like one day you had the list for Delaware and now you have the list for the entire U.S. east of the Mississippi. RealtyTrac, a longtime provider of property lists for real estate agents, today announced the launch of its expanded Mega Lead Generation Platform—and “expanded” is an uncharacteristically low-key descriptor for a realtor. The list of addresses of distressed properties ballooned from 1 million to 118 million with the new issue.

Ah, the ever-burgeoning power of Big Data!

“Our customers have been able to mine our proprietary foreclosure data to create targeted mailing lists, but that data-set was frankly a drop in the bucket compared to what’s available now,” remarked RealtyTrac CEO Jamie Moyle.

The new Mega platform incorporates dozens of filters to let users—who also include brokers, investors, and attorneys—to increase targeting and response rates on direct mail campaigns, according to RealtyTrac. Information available includes property type, sales history, financing details, occupancy conditions, and owner locations.

“As the housing recovery takes hold and the distressed share of the market decreases, entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities to contact homeowners who need a problem solved or a service provided,” says RealtyTrac data EVP Brian Mushaney.

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