Big Data: Innovate or Stagnate

There’s almost nothing bigger and more buzzworthy in the direct marketing space right now than Big Data. It’s big, it’s divisive, it’s misunderstood, it’s lionized—and it’s the main topic of discussion at the first annual Data Innovation Day today.

Data Innovation Day includes a variety of webcasts on what it means to live in a data-driven—and somewhat divided—world in which consumers demand data innovation and pitch-perfect targeting from marketers while regulars seem dead set on stymieing a marketer’s ability to provide it. (Our own Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief, is moderating DMA’s webcast “Data-Driven Marketing: Where the Innovators Are” at 2pm ET today.)

As recently appointed DMA president and CEO Linda Woolley told Direct Marketing News back in August 2012 following the congressional probe into data brokering practices: “This is a matter of catering to the customer and knowing what they want and what their preferences are.… If [a data broker is] any company that collects and uses consumer data, then that pretty much covers every company on the face of the earth. Where do we draw the line?”

To get you in the mood for the Big Day, here’s a roundup of some of our recent Big Data coverage:

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