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Big Bang Gets Analytical

Internet market development firm Big Bang LLC is expected to announce today a strategic partnership with Interviewing Service of America, Los Angeles.

ISA will lend its marketing analysis ability to the Big Bang product, allowing marketers to better understand their target audience’s likes and dislikes.

Big Bang claims online advertisements placed within its patented network system draw click-through rates of 23 percent based on a test of 50,000 consumers.

The company accomplishes this by first having users register a large cross-section of personal data — 300 data points in total. Users are encouraged to register in order to enter promotions such as the BigBang.com “Hollywood Nights” sweepstakes. The grand prize winner receives a $25,000 home theater system.

Upon registering, members are presented a list of sites where Big Bang banner ads are located. Big Bang's system delivers custom ads to these based on the users demographics captured at registration.

Members — there are currently 75,000 — receive points for visiting partner sites as well as clicking on banners bearing the Big Bang logo. The points can be redeemed for frequent-flier miles on American, Delta, United or Virgin airlines.

The company plans to create a brand name for the points as well as to introduce merchandise offerings in the near future. There are 20 active sites within the network with another 15 on the way.

To give marketers in-depth insights into how consumers are reacting to their ads, Big Bang created its patent-pending Rocket Science reporting technology. The reporting technology allows advertisers to see exactly who has and has not responded to a given ad. Detailed reports break down consumers response based on the demographic data they provided. For example, a company may discover women ages 35 to 50 react very poorly to a particular ad and decide to tweak it accordingly.

The cost to use the Big Bang service is 50 cents per click through. To add the Rocket Science reporting technology, it is $1 per click through (with a 5,000 click-through minimum). For ISA analysis of the report it is an added $1,000.

Companies such as Kahlua, Time Warner and Amazon.com have used the service.

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