Beware the deletist consumer

Data-driven marketing across multiple channels presents exciting opportunities to reach customers. But it also presents risks if the approach is wrong, as a recent survey by the Aimia Institute (the research arm of loyalty management vendor Aimia) reveals.

Surveying 10,000 consumers in five countries, including the United States, Aimia found problems both with the volume of marketing communications, and the lack of transparency in data-gathering. They also found that consumer response to such problems was aggressive, with deletion of mobile apps being a common response to “poor communications.”

Here are some statistics from the survey:

  • Over 70 percent of UK and French consumers feel overwhelmed by the volume of email communication.
  • Over 50 percent of UK and French consumers now opt out of the “majority” of brand emails.
  • 55 percent of UK consumers and 60 percent of French have deleted phone apps because of poor communications.

Generally, the survey found a low level of comfort with brand apps accessing mobile phone features.

There may be limited guidance for marketers in these results–after all, consumers do still opt to read  brand emails, and do download and use apps. But the survey does sound a warning about the consequences of poor customer engagement strategies.

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