Hitmetrix - User behavior analytics & recording

Better Data. Better Analytics. Better Experiences.

The digital age – and the always-addressable customer– has changed the game for marketers. Not only do customers engage with companies more often via more channels than ever before, but the speed at which data is captured and stored has increased significantly.

At the same time, the window for action is smaller. With more data and a shorter window for action, organizations need to rethink how they’re preparing and handling data at scale – and then using it to generate insights that will personalize the customer experience at an individual level.

To unlock data’s potential, marketers & analysts have to master the data available to their organization – structured and unstructured, 1st party and 3rd party, anonymous and known – and use it to drive both customer insights and customer engagement initiatives.

Join this webinar with guest speaker Brandon Purcell from Forrester Research and Buck Webb from RedPoint Global to learn how to overcome common challenges around data ingestion and data quality to generate actionable insights that will increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and optimize the customer experience across the entire customer life cycle.

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