Best Software Starts Direct Mail on Demand for Business Partners

Best Software announced the launch of its Direct Mail on Demand program yesterday for mid-market division business partners.

The program helps the company's business partners and value-added resellers maximize their return on investment for direct mail marketing initiatives.

Best Software, Irvine, CA, offers business management products and services targeting the 2.3 million small and midsize businesses in North America. Some of its leading software brands are ACT!, CPASoftware, FAS, Peachtree and SalesLogix.

The new program uses online automation to simplify the process of customizing, producing and delivering personalized Best Software direct mail campaigns.

With Direct Mail on Demand, partners can execute campaigns in a single online visit, saving time and costs by eliminating the need to manage designers, print shops, list brokers and mail houses.

To develop and deliver a direct mail campaign, a Best Software business partner logs into the Best Software Channel Marketing Web site, selects from dozens of professionally designed postcards and letters, customizes specific fields in the mail piece to reflect its business and selects a prospect mail list.

All the printing, prep work and mailing for the partner's direct mail piece is managed through Best Strategy, a third-party vendor. Direct Mail on Demand costs are eligible for co-op fund reimbursement at 60 percent.

“This program is great for partners like me who don't always have the time or resources to develop and implement direct marketing programs on our own,” said Michelle Berg, marketing director of BGI Software Solutions LLC, Madison, WI. “We don't have a graphic artist on staff, so this program is a cost-effective way for me to create full-color, professional-looking postcards and letters without having to contract with an outside agency.”

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