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Mini Mostnificent

Agency: Draftfcb
Client: BMW New Zealan

The teams at BMW and Draftfcb took a unique approach to sell the 2010 BMW Mini. Instead of boring customers with information about cupholders or color choices, the companies instead created a surreal Mini guidebook (encased in fake possum roadkill) to explain the “mostnificence” of the Mini brand. The guidebook tells the story of a lumberjack, shark-puncher and Mini owner, and his journey to “mostnificence.” While “most mere mortals,” according to the guidebook, “will have to rush around replacing heads of state,” “whipping jungle-dwellers into worshipful frenzies” and “wrestling wild animals” in order to become “mostnificent,” all consumers have to do is trade in their 2009 Mini for the 2010 model. Judges praised the campaign for its clever writing and for evoking the sense that “the writer was having fun writing this.”

Executive Creative Director
James Mok

Creative Director/Art Director
Tony Clewett

Rob Banks


Heaps Free

Agency: BMF Australia
Client: Commonwealth Bank

BMF devised a campaign offering “Heaps of Free Stuff” to promote Commonwealth Bank’s Free student banking to university freshmen. While plying students with complimentary goodies, Commonwealth opened 15,679 NetBank Saver accounts among its campaign branches, a 67% increase compared with the previous year’s promotion. Student registrations on Debit MasterCards eclipsed 32,013, an increase of
155%, and Student Options transaction results totaled 26,445, an
increase of 95% from the previous year.

Executive Creative Director
Dylan Taylor

Associate Creative Director
Brad Waggoner

Daniel Fryer


Approved By Life 

Agency: BMF Australia
Client: Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers dispelled its self-proclaimed “frumpy image” by changing its art in order to stop an 8% year-over-year decline in memberships. The brand instituted a contemporary illustration style to make weight loss more inspiring. The new visuals appealed to consumers by making the brand appear in touch, believable and likeable. The campaign increased member enrollments by 10%; drove brand consideration up 28%; intent to join up 44%; and brand relevance up 25%, all compared with the previous year.

Executive Creative Director
Dylan Taylor

Art Director
Sian Binder

Lucy Kough


Helping Business Do Business
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Vodafone
ECD: Nick Worthington

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