Best Art Direction


Mini Mostnificent

Agency: Draftfcb
Client: BMW New Zealand 

Draftfcb New Zealand was tasked with enticing existing Mini owners to purchase an updated model that may not have been vastly different from their existing car. The agency tapped into the feeling of greatness that a person could achieve by owning the most updated Mini. Having already achieved magnificence with their first purchase, a driver could achieve ultimate Mostnificence by purchasing the new model, thereby measuring up to the hyperactive, shark-punching Saskatchewan woodsman whose exploits are detailed in an oversized pelt-covered book. The lumberjack is the yardstick by which mostnificence is measured and his life’s work, ranging from carving a redwood grove into a Balinese temple to having his likeness deified by a remote Amazon tribe after he accidentally parks his Mini atop an sacred burial ground. The story ends with an invitation to trade up for a 2010 Mini, complete with a phone number taking up a full two-page spread. “Crazy stuff, brilliantly executed,” judges agreed.

Executive Creative Director
James Mok

Creative Director/Art Director
Tony Clewett

Rob Banks


Mini Soho. 15 Cars. 15 Campaigns 

Agency: Draftfcb
Client: BMW New Zealand

Draftfcb was tasked with selling 15 special-edition Minis online as a way to stem the tide of Mini’s declining sales and brand cache. Each was priced at $49,595. The challenge was that buyers would not be able to test drive or even view the cars in person. The agency developed a unique campaign for each car to establish each as its own personality, which in turn could attract for each car a buyer of a similar ilk. They sold 10 of the 15 cars.

Executive Creative Director
James Mok

Creative Director
Tony Clewett

Art Director
Leisa Wall


High School Influencer Program

Agency: TPN
Client: Gatorade

TPN was tasked with educating high school influencers — coaches, athletic directors and trainers — about Gatorade’s G Series product, the first major update to the product suite in a while, as well as driving sales and trials of the product. A direct mail program reached influencers at four popular supply purchase times throughout the year with educational material, samples, coupons and instructions on how to purchase G Series products.

Creative Director
Ryan Moore


The right resolution is on the Web
Agency: Red Urban
Client: Getty Images
ECD: Andreas Klemp

Plastic Flowerz

Agency: M&C Saatchi/Mark
Client: EMI Music
Copywriter: Gavin Chimes

Dirty Dishes
Agency: DDB Group
Client: PZ Cussons
Art Director: Ben Green


Agency: Euro RSCG
Client: Sprint
Group CD: Bernie Gomez

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