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Bernstein-Rein Creates Brand Group

Independent Midwest shop Bernstein-Rein Advertising Inc. formed a brand relationship group.

The new group will offer strategic marketing, customer relationship management, direct, interactive and database marketing, retail development, visual merchandising, creative, brand management and research.

“We've essentially coordinated all the disciplines and added some that were not there and marketing to companies that are looking for measurable marketing programs,” said Rich Gabe, who leads the division as senior vice president and executive director.

Gabe previously was executive vice president and chief marketing and operating officer at heavy equipment marketplace TradeYard.com, San Francisco. In the early 1990s, he was senior vice president of strategic and group marketing worldwide at Viacom's Blockbuster Entertainment Group.

Popz, a Minneapolis-based microwave popcorn manufacturer with operations in 20 countries, has signed on as the brand relationship group's first client. The division will offer brand strategy and development counsel initially.

Based in Kansas City, MO, Bernstein-Rein last year reported billings of more than $400 million.

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