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Belgian drama ‘Julie Keeps Quiet’ wins inaugural Prix Luciole Award

'Quiet Julie'
‘Quiet Julie’

The inaugural Prix Luciole Awards, recognizing excellence in film poster design, recently took place at Le Gray D’Albion hotel in Cannes. The event was sponsored by prominent Chinese movie ticketing app Taopiaopiao, and Alliance Cinéaste Chine-Europe, with an objective to underline the significance of graphical design in the promotion of films.

The prestigious ceremony offered a grand platform to appreciate the year’s most visually striking movie posters. It was an evening that brought together graphic designers, film directors, and others from the industry, drawing attention to the essential aspect of effective movie promotion — artful poster design.

The poster of Belgian drama ‘Julie Keeps Quiet,’ bagged the top prize for its contemporary design, clever typography and photography, strategic use of negative space, and an evocative depiction of the character’s internal struggle.

The Prix Luciole selection panel included esteemed figures like film critic Sheri Linden and specialist adviser Thomas Pibarot. Highlighting the poster’s role in setting audience expectations, judges emphasized design quality, aesthetics, and how well the poster articulated the film’s tone.

The Jury Prize was awarded to the poster of ‘She’s Got No Name,’ a thriller by Peter Ho-Sun Chan, with its design perfectly encapsulating the film’s suspense.

Highlighting excellence in film poster design

Moreover, the Special Mention award was given to the poster for ‘Sealed Lips,’ a mystery-drama by John Ford. Lastly, the Critics’ Choice Award went to the poster of Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense film ‘Eyes on the Road.’

‘A Fireland’ by Mona Convert received a Special Mention for its ingenious mix of collage and minimalist imagery. The artwork, filled with vibrant colors, mirrored the storyline’s emotional depth. The poster’s minimalist elements created an artistic tension that echoed the film’s themes.

An audience award on the Taopiaopiao platform was won by the drama ‘A Man,’ directed by Hu Guan. The poster of this drama, designed by Huanghai design studio, was highly lauded, reaffirming the studio’s reputation for impactful film poster designs.

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